Real Estate is More Than Selling Houses

Know Your “Why” in Real Estate

Ian Fan
5 min readJun 1, 2020


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People often ask me, “Why a career in real estate?” Why not some other similar sales job — unit trust agent, insurance agent, or direct selling agent?

Like other real estate agents, I chose this profession because it offers flexibility (in time), empowerment (to run one’s own business), and potential (to earn high income). The sky’s the limit to earning as much as you want. Your income correlates with how much effort was invested.

Having been in the industry for a few years, I’ve come to learn the attractiveness of real estate. My “why” extends deeper and wider than before.


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Recalling my university days, one concept comes to mind — Maslow’s Hierarchy of Need. At the very bottom of the pyramid is a human’s physiological needs with shelter being one of the physiological needs. Even without Maslow’s Hierarchy of Need explained, the 3 common and basic needs of a human are food, shelter, and clothing. Shelter and a roof over our head is of extreme importance.

As a real estate agent, I help to solve another human’s need — be it renting or buying a home. I assist the renters and buyers to find the best house in the best possible location.


A general perception of the sales industry, is that the sales agent has to be very sales-driven. Which in most cases, it is a given in any sales industry. The agent has to actively search for prospects and constantly follow-up with the prospects. The real estate industry is no exception. It has the basic elements in a sales industry: the agent, the product which is the property, and the prospect or customer. Inasmuch as real estate is in the sales industry too, its drive can be somewhat different.

Instead of the agent actively approaching prospects for sales; on the contrary, it’s more of the opposite — passive approach. As it is a needs-based sales industry, prospects often make the first move. Sellers, buyers, tenants, and landlords will contact real estate agents for their services…



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