What I gained despite earning $0.00 from Medium’s Partner Program

Man looks through binoculars with Facebook logo on the lenses
Man looks through binoculars with Facebook logo on the lenses
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On May 26, 2020, I published my first story, “Where Do You Sit in a Cafe,” on Medium. I was looking forward to getting my first view, first read, first fan, first clap, first response, and first $0.01 under Medium’s Partner Program.

Five days passed, and there were no views.

Facebook Ad Campaign

I decided to generate some activity to increase the views. I created a paid Facebook advert for my story through my Facebook page. I leveraged the Facebook and Instagram communities at large.

The Facebook campaign ran over a month from June 2, 2020, to July 16, 2020.

When defining your…

Tips on how to address each unique form of procrastination

Photo by Magnet.me on Unsplash

Better late than never.

The word “late” inspires me more than “never”. Somehow or rather, things are still done but later.

Every time when there’s procrastination, it is due to different reasons and each reason is caused by a type of procrastinator.

Here are the five unassuming characters of procrastination. You would not normally associate procrastination with these characters.

1. The Perfectionist

Often, we do not associate a perfectionist with procrastination. The perfectionist invests time and effort to achieve perfection.

From the perfectionist’s point of view, the perfectionist is moving positively towards the goal. …

When life is stressful, don’t fill it with things you don’t need

Photo by Austin Schmid on Unsplash

Life as we know it has given a whole new meaning to stress. This is not helped further by the pandemic, lockdown after lockdown, and other external factors.

Maybe you feel exhausted emotionally or physically already. Maybe you’re feeling zoomed out, spent, or just burnt out. It can feel a bit scary and full-on when there’s this sense of overwhelming stress.

I want to share about how we can not only survive under stress but also thrive: move from a mode of survival to one of personal revival and thriving.

1. Simplify Your Life

When you’re under stress, take time to simplify your life…

There is more to a publication than the publication itself

Photo by Diggity Marketing on Unsplash

Writing on Medium involves more than just writing. Take into account how, when, and where to publish. This is where publications play a strategic role in your Medium writing.

What is a publication?

“Publications are shared spaces for stories written around a common theme or topic, usually by multiple authors. They’re very easy to create and manage and they offer a wide range of features that you don’t get as an individual author.” — Zita Fontaine

Publishing in a publication gives your story a head start by leveraging the publication’s brand and the number of followers. …

Are hotels the new co-working spaces

Photo by Lewis Parsons on Unsplash

The pandemic has affected businesses across the board. To contain the spread of the virus, countries went on lockdowns and workers had little choice but to work from home. Work From Home (WFH) became the new norm.

Many of us have probably gotten used to working from home by now. We can clock-in to work in our pajamas and clock-out of work in the same pajamas all day long. We become accustomed to making do with our beds, desks, and even dining tables as work stations at home.

After working from home for a while, you might want a change…

Submission guidelines to enter the square

Photo by Lance Asper on Unsplash

Don’t be a square. Pun intended.

Like town squares and city squares, Writers Square is an open public space for a public gathering of stories from all walks of life.

City squares are usually surrounded by small shops such as bakeries, meat markets, cheese stores, and clothing stores. Similar to the variety of shops, we accept stories across all genres.

Table of Contents

1. What We’re Looking For To Publish
2. How To Format Your Draft
3. Check Your Grammar
4. Extra Writing Tips
5. How To “Add to publication” and Submit Your Draft

1. What We’re Looking For To Publish

Stories written in the first-person, second-person…

Politicians won power, people won the pandemic

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Malaysians fume as COVID-19 cases surges amid the politicking in the midst of a pandemic crisis. Alarm bells were raised over the virus making a bigger comeback in Malaysia. Malaysians reluctantly brace themselves for a fresh round of restrictions to curb the virus.

Malaysia was steadily recovering under the Recovery Movement Control Order. By the end of July 2020, COVID numbers were at a record low. For days, new daily cases were at single digits or low double-digit figures.

In the midst of the recovery period and pandemic, politicians were still playing politics.

On 30 July 2020, several elected representatives…

Also a breakdown of my earnings under the Medium Partner Programme

Photo by Tetiana SHYSHKINA on Unsplash

Everyone starts their Medium journey at different times. My Medium journey began in May 2020.

We all have different motivations for why we write on Medium. Aside from the money, my initial vision was to write about food and real estate. Half a year in, I’ve opened myself up to different topics, varying writing styles, and more.

I’ve finally passed 6 six months (probation) on Medium. This is a review of the many lessons and earnings I’ve gained in my Medium journey to-date.

May 2020: Trial Month

In my first month of Medium, I published three stories. …

How to connect with your participants

Photo by Christina @ wocintechchat.com on Unsplash

The hallmarks of a great meeting are whiskey, ice cream, and cakes.

In a small, private study conducted, respondents shared that in a virtual group discussion, the host should be clear, concise, and funny. The host should also direct the flow of the discussion and help add depth to it.

To host a terrific virtual group discussion requires the host to be in touch with the timing, participants, and depth of the topic. It’s one thing to be able to facilitate a virtual group discussion from a facilitative perspective.

It’s another thing to be able to lead a virtual group…

Invest systematically with these three simple practices from a real estate millionaire

Photo by Anastase Maragos on Unsplash

Faizul Ridzuan was a 9-to-5 employee who started his property investment journey with a capital of only $2,000 had approximately $5,000,000 portfolio by the age of 29.

In his book, he shared that some people suspected him of having external funding and that he was born in a wealthy family. He shared about three practical practices through his real-life experiences on how to create a million-dollar portfolio.

1. Find the Right Property to Invest

Faizul advises us to do our research and be diligent. Doing your homework pays off and saves you unnecessary time and costs.

3 Simple Actions to Secure a Property

  • Take time to window shop. Explore your options to reduce the…

Ian Fan

Textbook editor turned real estate agent. Writer @ Better Marketing, The Innovation. Editor of Writers Square. Newsletter: http://eepurl.com/heIH89

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